And the beat goes on…


  I’ms not sure I told everyone this part of the story, but during all of this adventure with my mom (the past 6 weeks), Nick was sick, in the hospital and then in rehab. I am not going to go into the details of his illenss, that is his story to tell, but needless to say during all of this time I was dealing with health crisis with the two closest people in my life.

The good news is, Nick came home today. He is still a little weak, but he is on the mend and that is very encouraging.
I took the day off today to pick up Nick and get him settled at home. Since I did that, I decided to take a quick trip and visit mom. She is still very lucid – I think our decision to change some meds really did the trick. She is also really enjoying visiting with my aunt – it has given her a resurgence that I am very happy about.
For the past two days my mother was saying that she had a taste for cheese curls and cracker jack, and so I brought some to her today. It was as if I had given her a million dollars. (Oh, the simple pleasures of life).
I have a killer week this week – two night meetings and so my time will be spent concentrating on work. Slowly but ever so slowly, things are moving in a direction – I’m not exactly sure what direction, but it at least appears to be moving into something that resembles a little more normalcy and a little less crisis.
I really have to say that I appreciate the small things much much more now – reading the paper, walking the dog, going to work , etc. It is so nice, at least for the momtent, not to have some intense crisis in my life – and things that I used to think were crises just don’t seem to measure up to that standard anymore. I think that has been one of the blessings of the past 6 weeks. I am really thankful for the little things.

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