Check out the old photos

 You really need to check out the new photos that I just added. I brought home some of the photo albums I found in my mother’s house (there are still many more pictures there and old films as well) – but I went through a few of the albums and took out a variety of photos I thought were interesting.
Check out my mom – she was quite a looker. I ‘ve included some pictures of her wedding, an old picture of me and my brother on a horse, my mom’s family picture that I remember seeing every day when I went down to my grandmother’s apartment, and even some pictures of moi – my high school graduation, when I was singing in a band, and at my brother’s wedding (air brushing does wonders).
I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as I enjoyed scanning them. It is so great to have the technology that we have today to be able to archive these wonderful photos. Enjoy.

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