Celebrity photos

As I go through the mounds of pictures that my mom saved, I am scanning some of the more interesting ones. My dad took a lot of pictures when he was in the army in California – and some I will publish later. You should see some of the pictures of downtown Los Angeles – it looks like a movie set now and it is hard to imagine that LA ever looked like that.
It seems like he was there for some sort of USO show – I’ve included pictures he took of Lucille Ball, Marlena Dietrich and Linda Darnell. Desi Arnaz was there at the time, but he did not get a close up of him.
Also I’ve include a picture that is the hallmark of anyone who ever lived on the south side of Chicago – see if you can guess which one I mean. And of course, there are some more pictures of my dad when he was in the service. Most of the pictures have explanations on the back – and it seems like he took the pictures and sent them to my mother becuase the explanations appear to be addressed to her. He talks about his buddies and one buddy who subbed for him in the kicthen one Sunday so that he could go to Mass and another who convinced the battlion chief to give him a furlough so that he could go and visit mom.
It was very interesting to see. I’ve just included a few because I am beat after another day of moving stuff out of my mother’s apartment – this time the storage cabinet in the garage. I hope you enjoy them and I promise there will be more later.

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