It’s been a week – wow!

It’s been a almost a week since I wrote something. That seems hard to believe. But the great thing is that I was able to be at work for an entire week – that felt really good.
I still have a lot to handle before the end of the month. I finally got all of the paperwork done (or I think I did – it will be interesting to hear what the insurance company says) for my mom’s long term care insurance. The problem was getting all of the necessary documentation for the home health care she received after her congestive heart failure diagnosis. Orginally I was told my the insurance company that all I needed to provide was the itemized bill that they sent to medicare. Then I was told I had to fill out a bunch of other forms plus provide the caregiver notes from her home health care. My mother received home health services from a nurse, a physical therapist and a home health care aide, and each one did notes every time they came. The entire package of notes was 137 pages long. I really don’t understand why the insurance company needs that when I had a signed diagnosis form from the doctor. But needless to say, once I had accumlated the piles of papers, it was not longer possible to fax all of the information, so I had to go to the post office and send it Express Mail. I wanted to make sure it got there the next day.
That was on Wednesday. When I called the insurance company today (they should have received the information by noon yesterday), it still was not logged into their system. Once that occurs, I was told that it would take a minimum of two weeks for the information to be analyzed to determine where she is in her elimination period and when her benefit payouts could begin.
So, it is hurry up and wait. I am planning on calling again on Monday to make sure the information is in their system.
The next hurdle is closing down the apartment. When I spoke to the estate manager yesterday to inquire about what I needed to do to help with the sale next Saturday, she suggested that we not do the sale (she had unexpected out-of-town guests) we skip the sale, that she would arrange to pick up all of the furniture either Thursday or Friday of next week and that I be responsible for getting rid of all of the "smalls" as she calls them (dishes, pots and pans, nic-nacs, etc.) I thought that was great – I really wasn’t looking forward to hanging around while we held a flea market sale of my mom’s stuff – so that will work out for the better.
So barring any unforseen circumstances I will have the furniture out of the apartment by the 25th and then Salvation Army is scheduled to come on the 28th for all of the rest. Then all I have to do is some light picking up and we can move on.
It felt so good to be at work again – and to be there for a whole week. Next week I will need to take off a couple of days as I need to finalize the move. Then it will be only a few follow up doctors appointments with Nick until mid-September and then (hopefully) a breather.
It definitely feels better than it did the second week in June when this all hit the fan, but it has changed me. I’ll get into that more later. For right now, just pray that things happen as planned through the end of the month.

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