In and out…

So today mom’s confusion was better – she was pretty thick tongued in the morning, but this evening she sounded clearer. It seems her life these days consists of sleeping and eating.
Yesterday some friends of mine helped me pack up all of the remaining little stuff so that the Salvation Army can pick it up on Monday. My one friend Kathy took my mom’s desk and TV last weekend. When she came yesterday, she told me about her daughter Madison and the desk. She said the desk is not in the place in her home where it will eventually be, but no matter, her daughter sat down at the desk, spread out her chemistry homework and started to work on it. Kathy said that it was a great sense of the human spirit living on, and she asked me if it would make mom happy to know that the desk was being used in such a way. I told her that I definitely thought mom would be happy about that – once again the desk is being put to use and once again that desk is supporting the work of someone. And it is supporting the work of a daughter of a friend – that is really nice.
Kathy also kept asking me how we could thank my mom for the wonderful things that she is giving people. I told her that to thank her for her things might not be the best idea, especially since all of her things being moved out respresents a very scary thing to her, even though she knows that logically that needs to happen. I told Kathy the best way to thank my mom was to use the things she took in good health and maybe every once in a while, it might be a  reminder of mom – and that would be the best way.
My friends were great – they helped me pack, we sat around and talked for a while and it made the whole situation a lot easier to deal with.
Everything is done now. All that is left is the Salvation Army pickup on Monday and then next weekend a final clean up of the apartment. I’m not sure how I will handle walking out of the door of that apartment for the last time. My mom so loved it there – it will be very hard. I really do not want to think about that any more right now. Tomorrow I am taking a little time for myself – I will think about that for now.

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