An early birthday dinner

After last weekend when the hospice nurse told me that we were going into another phase in my mom’s journey, I decided that I would not waste time. My mom’s birthday is next Saturday but I am never assured about what a new day will bring. So, this year for her birthday, she wanted a dinner from Carabbas – it is her favority Italian restaurant. She especially likes their crusty bread that they serve with herbs and dipping oil. Her birthday is next Saturday – but I asked her if she wanted to have an early birthday dinner and she did not hesitate to say yes.
So yesterday, I went there and ordered a couple of filet dinners – and two loaves of crusty bread. We had the staff set up a table in a little room down the hall and we had a special birthday dinner. My mom was excited all day – and it gave her something to look forward to. We had a great dinner – with mom mostly eating bread and salad – she did eat some of her filet, but she was so excited about having some crusty bread that I did not have the heart to tell her that she should save some room for the meal.
It was a nice dinner. And with all the excitement, once we were done she wanted to go back to her room because she was tired and wanted to go to bed. She really has very little energy anymore – but she had a great dinner and she is still talking about it.
Next week I told her that I would bring her an ice-cream cake for her birthday. That way, she can also share some of it with all of the staff that have been so good to her. And again, it gives her something else to look forward to.
The swelling in her body has not subsided – the doctor did not think it would even with the lasix, and she was right. I guess I was hoping against hope that it might help, but obviously the tumors are affecting other things in her body. She still has a good appetitie and she is still pretty lucid, so I am grateful for every day at this time. And next Saturday it is ice-cream cake – I think I will look forward to that too.

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