When You Can’t Find Anything Nice To Say…

Why is it that people constantly seek affirmation from others – and normally the ones who do it the most are the ones that need a personal overhaul the most. Why would anyone put someone on the spot ask them “what do you like most about me?”  Do you really want to know?  Maybe what I like most about you is that I don’t have to see you on a day-to-day basis. Maybe I like the fact that what goes around comes around and it has finally come back around to you. Maybe I like the fact I don’t have to listen to your insipid whining. Or maybe I like the fact that I really don’t know you that well and so I am struggling to find anything that I can say that is positive.

Don’t get me wrong. There are many people that I love that I would cherish the opportunity to tell them what I most like about them. I could probably rattle off a million reasons in two seconds. But they never ask me. I think they are secure enough in our relationship to know that I care, that I love them and that they mean the world to me. So, the next time anyone asks you what you like about them the most, if you struggle to give an answer, don’t take the time to reply. Better yet, maybe a heart-to-heart about what has been bugging you the most about them is more in order.  Just a thought…

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