Just When You Thought You Had It Mastered

I am relatively new to this blogging thing – I like the idea of it, it is amazingly cathartic and it also leaves you wondering if anyone really cares what you have to say. And I have been pretty full of myself lately and especially with my technological prowess. Most people of my generation are not on Facebook, cannot maneuver their way through a smart phone, cringe when asked to put together a power point presentation, cannot text, tweet or blog. So here I am, little miss techno genius… or so I thought so until today I tried to figure out how to upload a picture to the sidebar of my blog.

The irony of it all is that I had done in once already – had the best picture of Mia with her tongue hanging down waiting for me to throw her toy with the snappy caption – Is It Spring Yet? And since we are in the throws of summer I felt, in my infinite wisdom, that I should update the picture. Big mistake. Because now I can’t figure out how to add a new photo. I could have sworn it was the image widget but when I pull that up it asks for a link to a URL. And, I could have sworn I uploaded the last sidebar image from my computer but there is no option in the set up of that widget to do that. But hey, I am a whiz at this right?  I’ll just link the image to a URL and the image will be be on the sidebar. Not! When I do that, sorry no image, all I get is this dreaded little blue square box with a question mark inside.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems loading images into my blog – but trying to get one on the sidebar has been a several hour nightmare. I’m just not getting this widget thing – especially where images are concerned. And to add insult to injury, after I recently changed my Facebook password I can no longer publish directly to Facebook either even though I follow the “to enable publicize” function.

So today I have been kicked down a notch in my technological self esteem. Just when you thought you mastered it all – bam, smacked back down again. But at least I will insert a picture into this post to prove that I can actually do something technologically related.

One thought on “Just When You Thought You Had It Mastered

  1. I’ll take the picture of the mountains over the dog in the sidebar any day! Yes, we are out there reading…Keep blogging away and if you can send some sunshine to VT that would be appreciated, too!


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