How Much Of An American Are You?

Fourth of July – Independence Day – barb-b-queing with friends – hot fun in the Summertime. Yet we all know that what we celebrate today is the birth of our country, the good ole’ USA, and the freedoms we share and probably take much too much for granted. And although our country is relatively new by world standards, it is a country whose prosperities and freedoms are envied by many.

So how do we show our appreciation for what we have here in the United States? I think we all have the fun part down judging by the myriad of fireworks I’ve heard and charcoal fires I’ve smelled over the past several days. But do we truly honor our country by being students of its history and knowing some of the basic facts about who we are and who helped to make us great? I wonder.

So on this Fourth of July take a few minutes and test your knowledge about our country by clicking on the link below. Hopefully you will do well – and if not, you might want think less about the fireworks and more about learning and appreciating who we are as a nation.  Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Test your knowledge about the USA


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