It’s Time To Move On…

If you are anything like me, you are probably sick of all the posturing about Casey Anthony post trail. Did the jurors miss the boat, should their names be released, is Casey cutting a deal with the William Morris Agency, where will she go, will she be safe. All right – enough already!

I also think there are a few things we all need to think about that we may have forgotten in the light of this circus. First of all the justice system did not fail – it worked. There was a trial and a jury of her peers rendered a verdict based on their views of the evidence presented. If they found reasonable doubt, they found reasonable doubt.  Remember the jury was sequestered and not privy to all of the media opinions flying rampant throughout the trial. Bottom line, who are we to judge them?

Second, the media is out to get viewers people. HLN has never had ratings this high in recent history. So no wonder they are spending every minute fanning the flames of the Casey and Caylee Anthony story. People are watching and listening to their garbage. Are they telling the truth? Maybe sometimes but they are also sensationalizing – that is what gets people to tune in. Case in point: yesterday one of HLN’s reporters was “shocked and outraged” (you hear those terms a lot on HLN) because Jose Biaz and Case Anthony cut a deal to be represented by the William Morris Agency – the most powerful talent agency in existence. It was reported that Biaz negotiated a “package deal” to include both of them. But wait, twenty minutes later: now, breaking news – William Morris did not sign Casey Anthony after all and it appears they may be in conversations with only Jose Biaz. Very different story – but how many people got riled up because they heard the first false report any may have never heard the second.

Then there was the speculation of how Casey Anthony was dressed for the sentencing. “No more school marm look for her” retorts Nancy Grace. Well, who cares – and how does the almighty bleached blonde know what is going on in another person’s mind? I for one would  be very relieved if I bit the bullet and did not get charged with murder in the first degree. I would assume that would have to show on my face – just the relief of it all. But the media fans the fuel of the public’s outrage by speculating on things that they have no basis in fact on which to speculate.  Fan those flames – how she dressed means the party girl is back. Do we no that for certain – no. Could it be true – yes. But why do people feel they have the right to comment and enrage masses of people when what they are saying is based on conjecture and not fact?  Who are we to judge?

I think we have gotten to a place with instant communication that we convince ourselves that we know all the facts, know what is ultimately right and feel we have the right to threaten and suggest violent retribution if situations do not turn out the way we expect. And the media is not our friend. They are in a business to make money and although as television personalities, and face it folks that is what they are, they may seem altruistic, they are really ratings gurus who know how to build and sustain an audience however gullible that audience may be.

Bottom line I have had it up to here with all of this (can you tell?). The last time I heard, the only person in the position to judge is the Almighty and I know he (or she) will do their job. It may not be our good fortune to see it in our lifetimes, but what goes around always comes back around.

This whole fiasco, in my opinion, started and ended with people’s inabilities to differentiate fact from conjecture. And just to be clear – do I think she did it. Yes. Am I sick about the fact that this little girl’s death by our society’s standards may never have justice. Yes. Am I happy that Casey Anthony is being set free? No. But our legal system has spoken and after that who am I to judge?  Who are we to judge?


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