Please put me out of my misery…

Regardless of your political affiliation, aren’t you ready for this election to be over? The ads, the phone calls, the debates, the mudslinging, the lies. All in all this is getting pretty old, don’t you think?  Electing a president is an elitist activity continually consisting of people who are so far removed from day-to-day life that it’s laughable. I mean, when was the last time a presidential candidate lived from paycheck to paycheck? When was the last time a presidential candidate had to worry about the cost of healthcare for their families? When was the last time a presidential candidate stressed over making a mortgage payment? They may talk the issues, but do they really understand? And at this point, are there really that many people that are undecided. Please, put me out of my misery and just end this debacle now.

The amount of money necessary to sustain an effective presidential campaign is staggering. Millions upon millions of dollars are funneled into mindless banter that no one listens to. As a matter of fact, I may just vomit the next time I hear “ I am so and so, and I approve this message.” Give me a flippin’ break. What if we used the money in the campaign coffers to fund some debt relief programs? What if we used it to fund college scholarships or pay off student loans? What if we used it to make defined contributions to social security? What if we enacted a law that limited media campaigning to only one month prior to an election? This election process has been going on for a better part of a year. Do people even care anymore?  And if we are spending a year campaigning, what government work is getting done? Oh wait a minute, I get it, and no work is being done because it is more important to campaign.

After hearing election rhetoric for years I’ve become immune to the purported issues and solutions being presented.  It sounds like a broken record. Every candidate talks about what they will do if elected and then once elected attempt to explain why they couldn’t do what they promised to do. The fact is that no one president, democrat or republican, has the power to enact the changes they propose unless they have backing in the House and the Senate. They can promise all they want, but if their party does not hold majorities in hallowed halls of our government structure, they can propose legislation until they’re blue in the face but never get anywhere.

To me, the only major issue that determines my vote is women’s rights. As a woman I vehemently oppose anyone who tries to control my right to choose regarding my body. I don’t care if I my intent was to be out for a fun time or if I was raped, if I am pregnant and do not want to be it is my right to choose what to do about it. My body carries the baby and more than likely I will be saddled with raising it. I do not have the option of simply having sexual pleasure and not dealing with the outcome. But a man has that option if he so chooses.   To have a baby or not is a religious issue not a governmental issue and it should not be regulated beyond a person’s personal morals and religious beliefs. The flip side is ridiculous. Let’s bring more babies into the world that cannot be properly loved and cared for. That makes so much more sense. OK, my soapbox is done. It’s only three more weeks until the election. Lord, give me strength to get through it.

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