New Year, New Style…

Yes I know that we are almost one month into the New Year. But it seems that about every year I get a little tired of my blog’s general appearance and feel a need for change. The last one was fun but a bit on the 60’s side. This one is more modern and I am still playing around with some of the theme’s capabilities. And who knows maybe next week I’ll find something else and change it again.

I also think that while I was hiking today I became so enamored with the scenery, started taking pictures and then thought, “oh these pictures won’t look that great against my blog theme.” I know, I have to get a life. But that is the beauty of retirement. You can spend time and actually ponder your major decisions like what your blog theme should be, what to have for dinner, when and where to go on your hike, how long to stay outside exercising the dog, where to buy your new electric toothbrush, what grocery store will have the freshest fruit, yada, yada, yada…. (all thoughts that went through my mind today). So after a nice long hike, trips to three grocery stores and a great long romp out in the back yard with Mia I figured I’d finally get down to the nitty gritty – what theme should I choose for my blog this year.

OK, don’t start worrying about me. I actually decided to just goof around on the computer a little bit today. I still have plenty of mind expanding things to fill my time. I just chose not to focus on them. And that is truly the beauty of being retired. If you don’t feel like working today, you don’t have to. Eat your heart out my working friends. And enjoy a picture that I took on my morning hike. Happy Friday!

The Teller Farm Trail

The Teller Farm Trail

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