Back in the world of the living!

I just got back from the nursing facility – the nursing staff, the hospice staff and I had a general meeting about my mom, her medication, communication, etc. It was a great meeting – everyone was open and willing to listen and roles and responsbilities were further clarified.
The interesting thing is that my mom is so lucid it is scary – it’s almost like she doesn’t have cancer but is merely recuperating from some type of illness. She is herself, and that is so great to see – of course we do not know how long it will last – but I am focusing more on now and the future will bring what it will bring.
This is so weird – going from a place where I was afraid she was in the process of dying (Friday) to today where it looks like all she might need is just a little bit of physical therapy and she could walk out of the joint.
One indication that she is ill is that the least amount of activity really tires her out. The nurses aid came into her room to bathe her and change her clothes and after that she needed to get some rest. But, I am so happy the the personality that I know is my mom is here – I hope it can hold on during my aunt’s visit – that would be great for both of them.
So, back to work – and let’s hope for the best for as long as we can have it!

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