The car came home yesterday

Well, the car came home yesterday – and if you look in the photo albums area of this site you can see what happened.
I was shocked to see the car, but grateful that Nick walked away from that accident with only a broken ankle and a couple of cracked ribs. I am so glad no one else was involved.
We will notify the insurance company on Monday. I think they will total the car – Nick doesn’t think so, but we’ll see who guesses right on this one.
Meanwhile, it is an interesting topic of conversation for the neighbors, sitting in our driveway with the carnage in full view of all. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t care what people think – it is a car – a machine that can be replaced. It just looks so horrifying and I know people will be concerned that everyone is ok.
I am going to take some time for myself today – maybe go to a movie and then go to dinner with my aunt. Next week its doctor visits (orthopedic and primary care physician for Nick) and back to Wyoming to finish up the police paperwork on the accident. My aunt leaves Wednesday morning, so I will need to pick up the slack with my mom’s care. Then I will have to start the process of closing down her apartment by the end of August. Did I mention, by the way, that I have a full time job?
Please let me know if I am starting to start to whiny – I really think I do take responsibility for my life and for what I have responsbility over – it is just that these days it seems like I have responsibility over the world – and it gets a little overwhelming.
Thank God for friends who offer words of encouragment and support, animals for giving you unconditional love, and for my mom who taught me how to be so independent (sometimes to the point of detriment).

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