A breather…

I took my aunt to the airport and then went into work. It is very hard to pop in and out of work and be engaged, much less be helpful or supportive of staff or provide them with some sort of leadership. I will be at work for another day, then off for a day and a half and then…. who knows?
They are all so supportive – I am amazed at how supportive they have been with the burden I have placed on them. But they are great people and I am blessed to work with such a great group of people.
As this whole series of events have been unfolding (and as I have mentioned before) people tell me that there will be positive things that come out of this. So far, the kindess of the people in Wyoming, the support of some very close friends, and the great support I have gotten from my staff have shone through all of the clouds. I realize that even in hardship, that I am blessed – I work with a great group of people – there are still people who will be empathetic and compassionate even though they are strangers – and I still have my mom, and I still have Nick.
So, today has been a take a breather day – and that is what I have done. A colleague of mine who has gone through some very difficult times in recent years reminded me not to let the highs get too high and the lows too low. I think that is pretty good advice. It is not that you are selling yourself short – but in times of uncertainty it is good to remember that happiness and smiles do exist and will come – as well as sadness and grief. Try to ride the waves and remember that when you’re in the thick of it, whether good or bad, that things will change.
More tomorrow…

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