The surgery is over

The surgery was done today – two screws were put in Nick’s ankle. I think it was more than he anticipated. He expected to be at my mom’s house this afternoon helping me pack her apartment. Not. The doctor told him he had to severely limit his activity for four days – do nothing but lay around with his leg elevated.
The doctor attached him to a machine that has a soft shell boot. The boot attached to a machine that keeps the boot at 47 degrees. This is designed to limit swelling to the highest degree possible. Tomorrow I press a button on this machine and it will not only keep the area cool but will give mild compression. It’s really pretty neat. It is designed to minimize pain and quicken the healing process.
Nick needs to go back to the doctor in ten days to get his stiches out and check his progress. I have to say – up to this point – he is being a pretty good patient. I think the drugs help to keep the stubborness down, although the doctors and nurses really impressed upon him the importance of stay off of that leg.
So tomorrow, after I make sure he is set for the day – it is off to my mom’s. The Longmont flea market is stopping by to see her stuff and see if it is something they are interested in. Hope they want a lot.
Mom is pretty lucid although the medication change for her bladder infection does give her halucinations, but not too bad. I’m going to stop by to see her after I do my stint at her apartment tomorrow. She seems to be holding her own, although it feels like she is slipping a bit. Nothing that I can directly put my finger on – but it seems she is losing some strength. Time will let me know.

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