It wasn’t so bad

We always went shopping together the day after Thanksgiving. So, after the reaction I had when I walked the mall in Florida, I was a little concerned. But, I have to say, it wasn’t so bad.
Maybe it was the crowds, maybe it was the bustle, or maybe it was because mom was helping me to know that it was ok, but I did pretty well, and even somewhat enjoyed the experience of the holidays officially starting.
One thing that this experience has emblazoned in my brain is that life is short. You need to grab the moments while you have them and enjoy them to the fullest. So, I did. And I did not feel alone – I truly felt that in some fashion, she was there with me helping me to move on.
And maybe it was the decision to buy an ornament in her memory. If you know anything about our tree, it is truly a compilation of our lives and the people in them over these many years. From dogs, to the muppets, to pink flamingoes, to bubbly bear, our tree is such a wonderful reminder of the people, places and experiences that have been important to us. But, I did not want a gravestone on the tree – that would just not make sense – instead I opted to buy an angel ornament (a picture of it is included in the most recent photo album I have with the last pcitures I have of my mother) and I just put on it mom and the date 2006. So there will be a reminder, but an upbeat reminder,  that she is now our angel watching over us and helping us in a very different way. And for those of you that know me well, there is not greater joy for me than adding something memorable to the Christmas tree.
So mom will be there now, our angel, now and for the future of our Christmases helping our days to be merry and bright!

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