Boy, did we have a White Christmas!

I know you all are aware of the blizzard that hit us last week. Between Wednesday and Thursday, Erie received 29 inches of snow. And, we were lucky. Some parts of Colorado got over 50 inches. It was unreal. It started snowing at six in the morning, and it just kept dumping.
For a state that is used to lots of snow, this storm still paralyzed a lot of things. The roads are still recovering. Grocery stores which normally have their shelves overstocked for Christmas were running out of supplies. The malls were closed for two days at the busiest shopping time of the year. It was insane!
I was so glad that my vacation started on Wednesday. I did not have to worry about going into work.
Earlier, I told Nick that I had decided not to make Christmas cookies this year. Normally, every year I would make about five or six different kinds, but this year I was just not in the mood.
Well, I am now convinced that my mother exerted a little bit of influence in heaven and orchestrated a blizzard so that I would be stuck at home. And since I was stuck at home, I thought what the heck, and I made Christmas cookies. In retrospect, I am glad I did it – but I just know that there was some divine intervention to get me to make them.
Christmas turned out to be ok. Christmas Eve I was a little bummed, but Christmas Day was relatively ok – helped by a new wide screen high definition tv that Nick got us for our new room addition. But even without that, it would have been ok.
On Christmas Eve I prayed to mom. Christmas Eve has always been a magical time for both of us, since we both love (loved) the story of Ebenezer Scrooge – and Christmas Eve is the day that the three spirits visit Scrooge and get him to change his ways. That is my favorite story of all time – and mom shared in the love of that story.
I prayed to her (I even sent her an email – addressed to my home address but to her) asking her to intercede for me on the night that Scrooge was visited by the three spirits, to help me find my way and to get me back on track.
The rest of the night was so-so and I was sad, but yesterday a veil was lifted off of that sadness and I could even enjoy the day. I am not kidding myself in thinking I am magically over my grief – but I do feel that mom has taken me by the hand and walked me through an initial door of moving on – it may sound strange, but I felt different yesterday, and today I’m ok.
So, I will continue to write these blogs – they may occassionally reference mom as she will always be a big influence in my life, but I will use this space to keep you informed as to what is going on and would welcome any thoughts or comments you might have regarding what you interesting. I am not thinking that I have all this great knowledge that needs to be shared – quite the opposite. But, I can at least keep you up to date and share more than I possibly could in a phone call.
So, I’m off bargain hunting today – and maybe even a movie. I still have a week off, and I intend to make the best use of it.
I truly hope you all had a great  Christmas. Enjoy the snow pictures that I posted.

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