Inspired by Julie and Julia

Hiking Pictures

I watched the movie Julie and Julia last night and it inspired me to try to start blogging again. At this point in time, I am not sure what the focus of the blog will be, but I am willing to start that journey and see where it takes me. I last blogged in earnest when my mother was dying. Today a good friend posted on his Facebook page that today was the 21st anniversary of his mother’s death. He posted a song called Mamma’s Arms and my heart went out to him when I listened to it. I posted the song “Everything I Own” by Bread for him. That song was a favorite of mine back in the 80’s and when I listened to it again today I cried during the lyrics “Nobody else will ever know the part of me that can’t let go.” There are some days, like today, that I am painfully reminded how much I loved both my mom and my dad and how much I still miss them. And to find out that it can still hurt so much after 21 years made the day a little harder to bear.

So, as I restart this journey of blogging, I may be all over the map for a while, but am hoping to find a focus and maybe even a following. Let’s see what this will bring.

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