Poop And A Memory

Is there a Lab that does not like snow?

This morning I woke up to two piles of poop in the living room.  Every once in a while for some reason, our dog Mia decides that she cannot hold it and uses a particular spot in the living room to relieve herself. Thank goodness it is a rare occasion, but it is no fun when you are still half asleep to be on poop patrol. Thank goodness for these little portable spot cleaners that you plug in and put on the stain – in a few minutes, poof it is gone.

This reminded Nick of a situation that happened while we were still living in Chicago. One night we were invited to our friend’s (Bob and John) home for dinner. Bob and John had a beautiful Bearded Collie named Roxie. They suggested that we bring our German Shepherd, Garbo, over for a play date. Garbo was not very comfortable in the strange surroundings. All of a sudden we heard John yell from the hallway, “Oh, Bob, Roxie or somebody shit in the hallway.”  Now we all knew it was probably Garbo, but when John, by virtue of what he said, suggested that any of us could have perpetrated the crime, we roared with laughter envisioning one of us squatting in the hallway doing the nasty deed.  Nick reminded me of this while I was picking up poop – I was glad to be laughing while doing it.

Today I am off to the home and garden show – even though I am a Fall/Winter person, I think I have had enough and am ready for spring. Hopefully this will get me in the mood. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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