Next stop – ankle surgery

I guess I should feel good about the fact that we were able to see both an orthopedic doctor and our primary care physician both in the same day. I was very impressed with the orthopedic doctor who was on call Friday – he told the doctor in urgent care that he would try to schedule an appointment with a colleague since he was going to be on vacation this week. The doctor at urgent care gave me a list of doctors and said that if Dr. McCarty (the doctor on call) did not call me, then I should start calling on Monday to see if I could get an appointment with someone.
So, I figured I would have to do that since I really did not expect Dr. McCarty to try to arrange that for us with his impending vacation and all. And yet, bright and early this morning, Dr. McCarty calls and says he’s arranged an appointment with a colleague and that all I would have to do is call him. And it sounded like he was calling me from wherever he was on vacation. I was impressed and very grateful to him.
We saw the orthopedic doctor early in the morning and it was fortunate that we did. He had a bunch of tests that he wanted our primary care physician to run and we already had an appointment with him for this afternoon. So the scheduling worked out perfectly.
Dr. Repine, the orthopedic doctor, looked at the x-rays and recommended that Nick get two screws in his ankle – so the surgery is scheduled for late in the day on Thursday. It is being done at the hospital but Nick does not have to stay overnight.
Our primary care physician wants to give Nick a physical tomorrow and today he did a chest x-ray and drew blood. Then it will be off to Cheyenne, Wyoming to finalize the paperwork on the accident. My aunt leaves early Wednesday morning and I have to drive her to the airport. And then I hope to go into work for a few hours both on Wednesday and Thursday.
Then the next major thing will be to start the moving out process for my mother’s apartment. I am going to call a couple of friends and ask for some help. When I think about doing that, I just really get overwhelmed – but I think some good planning and with the help of my friends, I can pull it off by the end of August. I’m not sure how much Nick will be able to do, but I know he wants to help. We’ll see what happens after Thursday. Bottom line, the doctor says he has to be off of that leg for 6 weeks.
So, we got a lot done today, and that is always comforting to me. A lot was accomplished and the drama was kept down to a minimum. Having been a theatre major in college, I’m surprised at how much I am trying to eliminate the drama in my life – I think there is a little difference between the two, though.
More tomorrow – I will be glad to get this trek back to Wyoming over with.

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