Some Of My Favorite Holiday Recipes…

Over the next week or so I am going to be taking a hiatus from posts to my blog but I didn’t want to leave my readers high and dry. So I thought I’d look through my posts and put together a one-stop-shop of some of my favorite holiday recipes.

What I like about this blog is it includes a wide range of recipes from cookies, to main dishes, to appetizers, vegetables and sides and all are tested and true. And this compilation is based on what many people tend to serve during this time of year. So look through what I’ve put together and simply click on each picture to be redirected to the original posts and the recipes. Happy Holidays all! I’ll be back right before New Years with a great appetizer recipe!


Lets start with cookies. Cookies are what I am known for over the holidays. I’ve been baking cookies at this time of year ever since I was in high school. I’ve made many different varieties but the link I am providing here is to my all time favorites. You’ve got plenty to choose from. Just click on the picture below and happy baking!


Next let’s look at some holiday appetizers. Holiday parties and family get-togethers tend to have a main meal adorned with great appetizers. Click on the picture below to see a compilation of my favorite holiday appetizers with links to each one. And if you don’t see anything you like, check out my recipe index to see a complete list of the appetizers I’ve blogged about.


There’s nothing so satisfying as a hot bowl of soup during the holidays. And whether you choose to serve it with your holiday meal or simply as a cozy supper, you can’t ignore soups at the holidays. I chose to feature my butternut squash soup but there are others in my recipe index as well. To me this soup just screams the holidays. And if you don’t serve this with your holiday meal try it with a salad and some crusty bread anytime.


Let’s move on to main dishes. I chose to focus on four of my recipes. The first is roast chicken in a cast iron skillet. If you want something a little different than turkey, this is a great recipe. The chicken cooks evenly in the cast iron and comes out juicy and delicious. Try this one over the holidays or anytime and, if you’re a chicken lover like me, this may be your go to recipe for roasting a whole chicken.

Next is my prime rib recipe. Many times my family would make this for Christmas because we just had turkey a month before. Or sometimes if we were feeding a huge crowd we’d make turkey and prime rib. Or prime rib became the center of attention on New Year’s Eve. Either way, over the holidays it’s always good to have a go-to prime rib recipe. Just click on the picture below.

Next I’m including a turkey recipe but not the type of turkey recipe you might think. Since Thanksgiving this recipe has been getting a ton of hits on my blog which leads me to believe that readers are looking for alternative ways to serve the bird. This is a slow cooker recipe and it is delicious. So if you’re looking for an alternative way to serve turkey, this recipe is for you!

And last but not least, so many people use the occasion of the holidays to dapple in making lobster tails. Because they are so expensive and are not good overcooked many shy away from making them. But you shouldn’t. They are surprisingly easy to make if you follow the lessons learned in my blog. So go ahead, splurge and enjoy some lobster tails over the holidays!


What would the holidays be without a stuffing/dressing recipe. So many times I hear from people that their family’s recipe is the best. But sometimes people are looking for a change or just for a good stuffing/dressing recipe. Well here it is! This is not my mother’s stuffing which I did love but never got from her. So in my quest to find a great substitute I landed on this recipe. It is fabulous and tastes even better if made the day before and reheated the next day.

And what are the holidays without sweet potatoes. Personally I’m not a big fan of sweet potato recipes that include a marshmallow topping so you won’t see that here. This particular version has a great combination of flavors, from orange juice, to cinnamon, to maple syrup – you just can’t beat this one. I make this often during the year. Try it, I’m sure you’ll love it!

My last side is an ethnic side. My ancestors came from Lithuania and this recipe was a staple at all of our holiday meals. I remember when I first posted this recipe, I didn’t think it would generate much interest. Surprisingly it continues to be one of the more popular recipes on my blog. Keep in mind that this recipe is not very heart healthy. Years ago people were only concerned about making food that was cheap and filling and this certainly fits the bill. But every once in a while you can let go and enjoy a dish like this. So enjoy my grandmother’s Lithuanian Kugelis recipe (or potato pudding as some people now call it). If there is a food that can conjure up beautiful holiday memories, this is the one for me!


This is one of the most popular vegetable recipes on my blog. It uses a variety of veggies and roasts them in the oven with some olive oil. Couldn’t be simpler, it’s delicious and provides an array of festive colors for your holiday table.

I’m a big fan of butternut squash. To me there’s nothing better than roasted butternut squash. And when you pair it with a little cinnamon, it’s to die for. Butternut squash is a great accompaniment to almost anything you could possibly serve for your holiday dinner. This recipe is full proof and will probably become one you use all year long


It’s hard to believe that after a holiday meal there is still room for dessert, but no holiday meal would be complete without one, or two, or… So I am including a few of my favorite desserts that are not only delicious but look like they belong on a holiday table.

First are my lemon raspberry cheesecake bars. This happens to be one of my husband’s favorites. It is easy to make, delicious and it’s decorative raspberry swirls scream the holidays. Because it is light and airy, this is a great dessert to serve after a robust holiday meal.

My chocolate cherry cream cheese cake is a great addition to any holiday dessert table. Not only does it combine the delectable flavors of rich chocolate, cream cheese and cherries but it boasts of holiday colors and looks unbelievable. It does require a few steps to get that special dotted cherry look, but believe me this cake is worth the effort.

I make cranberry bread every year when fresh cranberries hit the grocery store. And for several years I’ve played around with this recipe until now that I feel I finally perfected it. There’s nothing that says the holidays like cranberries, and this sweet bread is a nice finish to a holiday meal.

Last but certainly not least is my cranberry upside down cake. I made it for the first time this year and fell in love with it. Color me crazy, but the joy of baking this and then turning it over to see the gorgeous display of cranberries on top is a joy second to none. It looks so festive and is easy to make. This was my first try at making it and look how gorgeous it is. If you make any of my suggested desserts, I would recommend this one. It was fun to make and fun to eat!

And that’s it, my 2018 holiday recipe compilation. I hope you find this one-stop-shop of recipe links helpful as you make your final preparations for the holidays.

I will be taking a two week hiatus from posting to enjoy the holidays as well. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and I’ll touch base right before the New Year.  Here’s looking forward to what we can accomplish in the kitchen in 2019!


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    • That particular recipe is one of the most popular recipes on my site. I almost never posted it because it was so easy I thought no one would be interested. Boy was I wrong. I hope you do try them. It is a really good recipe.


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